Dancer Sues Spearmint Rhino

A former Spearmint Rhino dancer filed an unfair labor lawsuit against the strip club, charging the owners “do not pay their employees anything.” Los Angeles–based attorneys for the exotic dancer, who worked there for just one month last fall, claimed their client had to split her tips with management as “overhead” or “rent,” was not entitled to breaks, and did not receive overtime pay.

In addition, attorneys alleged the club did not provide training, dance seminars, or choreography. “The dance skills utilized are commensurate with those exercised by ordinary people dancing at a typical nightclub or wedding,” attorneys argued. Multiple attempts to reach Spearmint Rhino’s general manager were unsuccessful by deadline.


Axe-yielding man gets stopped by stripper

Los Angeles Go-go dancers considered a hero for stopping a man swinging an axe who busted through the door of this Los Angeles strip club.

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