Strip Club Controversy

The Los Angeles crew at HB Strippers likes to keep their patrons “abreast” of current events, and today’s post does just that!

The NEW boss of Ace of Diamonds

While accepting the Vanguard Award at the All Def Movie Awards ceremony Wednesday, the “How to Be a Bad B—h” author announced that she’s purchased the Ace of Diamonds strip club in Los Angeles.

However, the real owners are shooting down her claim.

“I was a dancer, I was an exotic dancer, I was stripper for a very long time. Best time of my life, by the way. I had the time of my life,” she said on stage, according to E! News.

The renter of the factory space is reportedly suing Rose because they decided to venture off and move from the previous location of the factory, according to Robinson.

The suit is for nearly $1 million, claiming slander because she announced purchasing the brand.  A line in the lawsuit also alleges her comments at the awards were “unequivocally false.”

How LA’s ‘Porn Valley’ became the adult entertainment capital of the world

San Fernando Valley is a sun-drenched, suburban enclave in southern California. You may know it by another name: Porn Valley.  (There’s also “Silicone Valley” and “San Pornando Valley.” Clever.)

Since the 1970s, the hills above Hollywood have played host to a booming pornography industry. A majority of American sex films are shot there in warehouses and private homes — helping the San Fernando Valley rake in $4 billion in annual sales in its ’90s heyday.

One of the 10 busiest sites for on-location filming in Los Angeles last year was a two-story industrial building in Chatsworth operated by Penthouse Studios, a spinoff of the adult magazine.

How did an out-of-the-way desert suburb become the porn capital of the world? Location, location, location. About 6,000 adult films are shot each year, with the majority of them in the San Fernando Valley, according to industry estimates.


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